Wildlife and landscape photography from my Kenyan Safari

A safari in East Africa is as close as a wildlife photographer gets to paradise on Earth! I was even more fortunate in that I spent two weeks on safari with excellent guides and an expert photographer - Martin Withers FRPS of Hosking Tours.

The trip took place in the days before digital cameras - I shot over 90 rolls of slide film!  My equipment worked perfectly, and most of the slides were sharp and well exposed. They're all still very carefully stored. All the resulting photographs were taken on either a Pentax MZ5N or Pentax MZ10 camera,with Sigma lenses.

 As a result, the photos on the following page are only a sample - showing them all would have required a separate web-site. I hope you enjoy them and that they give you a flavour of Kenya's amazing wildlife.


                                           Crossing the Ewaso Ngiro River, Samburu N.P. 


The photos were taken in the Nairobi,Tsavo,Amboseli, Nakuru and Samburu National Parks.